Reread 4: „The Doors made me do it!“

Da die nächste Doors-Auferstehung1 unvermeidbar ist, wird an dieser Stelle als Warnung für alle, die noch keine erlebt haben, ein etwas älterer Eintrag aus dem so nicht mehr existierenden Mojo Message Board veröffentlicht. Ein Ausdruck des Textes klebt am Badezimmerspiegel und das zu Recht!

Mojo Board – „What defines crap?“, message by zoomboogity (If you happen to read this – thanks again!):
There’s an old flick called They Drive By Night with Humphrey Bogart and George Raft as truck-driver brothers. Ida Lupino’s character kills her husband by turning the car on with the garage door closed (he was passed out drunk or something), and everyone thinks it’s suicide, and she gets rid of him AND a huge settlement.
Now, the thing about the garage is that it had an ultra-modern (at the time) „electric eye“, a beam of light that automatically opened and closed the door as something went past it. So she waved her hand on her way into the house, the door went down, and that was that.
She lives high on the money for a while, but she eventually starts feeling guilty, and her armor starts to crack. There’s a trial later on, and she’s up on the stand, no longer the confident shrew but a half-coherent psychotic. She mutters a string of barely related thoughts, then finally says, „The doors… yes, they did it… the doors made me do it… the doors made me do it…“ She then starts laughing maniacally and screaming, „THE DOORS MADE ME DO IT! AHHHHH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA! THE DOORS!!! THE DOORS MADE ME DO IT!!!!“ as they lead her off to the sanitarium and declare a mistrial.
And that, in a nutshell, is how I feel whenever I hear the intro to
Light My Fire and get the urge to commit an axe murder. […]“

  1. Ich verweise außerdem auf MdH, der, als ein Freund in einem Jim-Morrison-T-Shirt auftauchte, etwas irritiert sagte: „Das ist Jim. Der ist tot.“ [zurück]

Later: „boy, the things you find on the internet sometimes…“
You‘re right „the blogger confirms“. And, yes, „source of constant inspiration“ is correct.